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Today, November 7th, 2019, was a historical day at St. Andrew’s Church!

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Today, November 7th, 2019, was a historical day at St. Andrew’s Church! The ownership of our church building officially changed hands over to our long-time renters of 18 years, Iglesia Christiana. The official signers of the transfer papers were: church council president Pertti Pietarinen, and head of Iglesia Christiana church council, Senior Pastor Christina Sterling.  The occasion was witnessed by those in attendance, Pastor Dexter and his daughter, Krister Sterling. Witnesses for St. Andrew’s include: Peter Makila, who has done a tremendous job as mediator between lawyers and all involved in this sale, as well as Pastor Mia Hagman. The signing of this sales agreement was a very spiritual and warm one, as the relationship has been for almost twenty years between our two congregations.  This change of ownership is a new beginning for both congregations. Iglesia Christiana can now make a bigger plan for the future, as well as spreading the Word of God to the surrounding neighborhood. Our congregation can be assured that the church building is in good hands. We have already had the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful work which has been done by our Latino-sister congregation in improving the aesthetics of our old church building. We would have never had the time or resources to make these improvements. The activities at our church will continue with vigor and enthusiasm and expectations are high for our future. All who were present to witness this historical occasion, stated that this is a reason for great thanks to both of our congregations. The future looks bright for us both.

God is steadfast and good!