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St. Andrew’s Plans to Serve Future Generations

15.3.2019 20.45

The Annual Congregation Meeting of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church held Sunday, March 10, 2019 authorized a committee elected among the members to negotiate a sale and lease back agreement of the church building with the local Spanish language congregation, a tenant of ours since almost twenty years.  St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church would become a tenant and the activities would continue as today. The purpose of this agreement is to significantly reduce the costs of St. Andrew’s. It would be a major step on the road to vitality and growth in the future decades.

We have seen in the past couple of years a remarkable growth in the membership numbers of especially the Finnish language part of the congregation, since the membership was made possible for Finnish snowbirds. Despite the growth in membership the church has year after year seen and will continue to see red numbers in its profit and loss statements. In the past two decades we have relied on the funds donated to the church by previous generations and used those funds appr. 50 000 dollars a year. The church building, over 50 years old, will need major maintenance and repairs in the years ahead. 

The task to the committee is to find a solution acceptable to St. Andrew’s. The legal agreement to be written by an attorney will be subject to approval of the Congregation Council. 

The Preschool building is not part of these negotiations. The Preschool will continue its valuable work with young children of the area as to-day. 

The Congregation Meeting also elected new members to the Congregation Council. Continuing Council members are Naomi Fox, Lauri Kanervikkoaho, Peter Makila and Raija Reittamo. Pertti Pietarinen was reelected for a second term, and he will continue as President. The new members of the Council are David Hinsa, Suvi Katriina Manner-Smith and Sauli Stolt.