St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

St. Andrew’s Church was founded in 1953 by Finnish immigrants.  In the late forties and early fifties an increasing number of people came to Florida for lengthy winter vacations or for retirement to live here permanently. Many of those who settled in the Lake Worth-Lantana area had migrated from Finland and still had strong ties to their native land.

In 1960 the “official language” of the church was changed to English, since some of our members were second or third generation from Finnish immigrants and spoke only English. Nowadays St. Andrew’s is clearly bilingual.

Through the 80’s the church was busy and well-attended. In the year 1988 St. Andrew’s became a member of the new Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (E.L.C.A.).

The past three decades have quieted the church and changed its profile. Right now, we are in a process of finding new ways to reach both Finnish and English speaking Lutherans, those who hold permanent residency here and those who only come here for winter months.